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Story of Zoku

Whether you are in the hotel business or not, the story of how Zoku was created is truly inspiring: persistence, vision and close cooperation with the end user is innovative in it self.
It is still rare that companies invite customers, in this case future guests, into such a tight collaboration and over 300 names are on the Zoku website crediting those who contributed.
Hans Meyes say he created Zoku for people with no boundaries between work and leisure, where traveling professionals work and communicate together.
Zoku has been recognized for their groundbreaking concept and won several prestigious awards, among them Radical Innovation Award, Best Innovation & Radical Award and yesterday it was announced that Zoku won in two categories at this years European Hotel Design Awards 2016. Congratulations! Now listen to the podcast and hear Hans share this experience creating Zoku. Photo credit: @radicalinnovationaward

“An energetic, beer loving, work out enthusiast”

Pauline describes herself tongue in cheek as “an energetic, beer loving, work out enthusiast”. With her accomplishments in mind we would add “work enthusiast” to that.
Possessing a tremendous work ethic, she began her hospitality career at 15 years of age – because Scandic would not employ her younger.
In the podcast she is sharing how she fit in a 50% job with her regular school schedule and later moved closer to her work to optimize her days.
She also says that the responsibility she has been given was always a driving force – something she applies in her role as a manager today.

Steam Hotel | Energy re-envisioned

“We are building a destination for people who want to experience more and be moved, a place for people who won’t settle for just “good enough”. We are building a hotel for people who yearn for the spectacular.” ⚡️Hearing Kai talking about the @steamhotel this way we eagerly await the opening next August! While we wait, listen to Kai how he works with his team to go above and beyond! ?

Story Hotels | The story of success

In one of my podcasts I interviewed Sören Hullberg, who was the general manager of Story Hotels during 8 years.
Story Hotels are a great choiсe for those who love Scandinavian design. You can find Story Hotel Riddargatan just a few steps away from Stureplan in Stockholm. Story Hotel Signalfabriken is located on the town square in Sundbyberg and Story Hotel Studio Malmö is opening in October 2016.
Stockholm is a very cool city so the creators of Story Hotels chose warm atmosphere and unadulterated urban chic combined with Swedish style. Story Hotel is a place where you can have a rest, relax with a cup of coffee and feel comfortable in a peaceful and quiet place.

Sören Hullberg & IKEA

At the beginning of his career Sören Hullberg worked as Store manager for IKEA in Switzerland. From Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, Sören learned to live as you learn and attention to detail – Sören himself contributed by increasing store hours to visitors needs.
Sören was also the very person who came up with the idea to add the famous IKEA meatballs to the menu. Ingvar Kamprad was worried that too many shoppers were browsing the company’s shelves on empty stomachs. He tasked Sören to create a menu for the IKEA restaurants – at that time they were nowhere near the embodiment of efficiency they are today.
So when you do something no one has done before – does everything go according to plan? Listen to the podcast and find out! ????? #thehotelpodcast Photo is from @livezoku – a special report will follow!

Katerina Cronstedt, 2016