In Amsterdam I met with Hans Meyer, co-founder of Zoku and Johannes Menge, part of the global roll out team.

We talk about how Zoku caters for the needs of the global nomad and claims to be a new category in the hotel business: a hybrid of home, office and hotel services combined with the social buzz of a neighborhood.

It took several years and a tribe (Zoku means tribe in japanese) of 150 individuals and companies of the target audience, to develop the innovative room layout.

Several prototype rooms were built and 60-120 changes were made at each stage. They even used mobile EEG equipment to measure guests’ anxiety and excitement in the brain to evaluate the final room layout, design and usability.

Zoku has won many awards and has been said to be “The end of the hotel room as we know it”. Listen to Hans Meyer and Johannes Menge about the creation and the future of Zoku. Enjoy!