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Sören Hullberg & IKEA

At the beginning of his career Sören Hullberg worked as Store manager for IKEA in Switzerland. From Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, Sören learned to live as you learn and attention to detail – Sören himself contributed by increasing store hours to visitors needs.
Sören was also the very person who came up with the idea to add the famous IKEA meatballs to the menu. Ingvar Kamprad was worried that too many shoppers were browsing the company’s shelves on empty stomachs. He tasked Sören to create a menu for the IKEA restaurants – at that time they were nowhere near the embodiment of efficiency they are today.
So when you do something no one has done before – does everything go according to plan? Listen to the podcast and find out! ????? #thehotelpodcast Photo is from @livezoku – a special report will follow!

THP 1 | Sören Hullberg

I det första avsnittet av The Hotel Podcast möter vi Sören Hullberg. Med en karriär på Scandic, Hilton och Story Hotels har Sören gedigen erfarenhet av att skapa och leda framgångsrika hotell. Sören berättar vad han lärde sig av Ingvar Kamprad när han jobbade för IKEA och vad hästpolo har gemensamt med serviceyrket. Välkommen!

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