Hi and nice to meet you!

I’m Katerina Cronstedt and I have been working in the hotel industry for over ten years.

Catering for human kind basic needs – a safe place to rest, access to food and water – is an honor, a privilege and very rewarding!

In April 2016 I left Moscow and Katerina City Hotel , where I have been working since 2006, and in June I finished my project at Katerina Hotel Orlando. Currently based in Sweden I am continuing working on my own hotel brand – have a look here at our latest proposal for Destination Haga Gardens, Stockholm, Sweden.

The Hotel Podcast is my new project and it is about the people behind the scenes – the hotel managers, the guests, the stories, the design, the food, the drinks. You can expect to hear inspiring insights from experienced managers, actionable advice for hotel professionals and tips for the frequent traveller.

The first interviews are already recorded with Soren Hullberg (Storyhotels) and Kai Pasma (Steam hotel) and many are in the production phase and will be published here in beginning of October.

Until then – take care!