Botell Volta is a special project in renovating old businesses and furnishing them with new functions. It currently renovating the disused HQ building of one of Sweden’s oldest industrial companies, which will soon become a new concept in hotel living where guests can buy (and personalise) their room, turning it, well, into their home.

According to Olle Larsson, Botell Volta is more about telling stories and creating that special feeling for guests as they stay or permanently live in an old place. This is achieved through careful and thoughtful renovation of old properties – castles, churches, pubs – before they become the company’s signature homely hotels.

Guests are welcome to buy a room (or several) as an investment property that can be rented out while they are not using it. This type of investment is tax free and it is easy to borrow money against such a purchase in Sweden. Given the tightening of rules on Airbnb-type rentals in Europe, this sounds like a good solution, especially as Botell Volta guarantees a certain level of income to its guests.

Whether you are a potential investor or just a curious hotel aficionado, get in touch with Botell Volta via botellvolta.se, and they will put you up on a room for a test stay.

And, last but not least, all hotel functions (keys, communication with staff and check-ins) are handled via an especially designed Botell Volta app.

This fusion of old and new produces brilliant results, and we’ll be following the stories of Botell Volta with interest.